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Monday, November 9, 2009

2012 Movie Download

Film yang satu ini saying kalau dilewatkan,….


John Cusack is said to put on one of his very best performances in this movie.  Download 2012 here and you can see for yourself before all of your friends!  You can be on your couch watching this movie tonight...all you have to do is get this movie from the website linked to in this blog posting.  In case you didn't know what the movie is about, I'll fill you in and then give you the details about the site where you can download the movie from.  First off, before telling you what it is about, I'll tell you who directed it.  2012 was directed by Roland Emmerich...the same guy who directed "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow".  That alone is going to make this movie absolutely amazing, but the all-star lineup it has starring in it certainly doesn't hurt either.

2012 is, in a word, about "catastrophe"  The Mayan calender (made by the ancient Mayan civilization) says that the world is going to come to an end on December 21st, 2012.  Luckily, they're releasing this movie long enough before that so they can make a buck off of it (I guess just in case the world actually does come to an end, haha).  Basically, the whole movie is about John Cusack trying to make sure that not all of the human race is obliterated.  What I think is going to make this movie really amazing is the fact that they're actually going to destoy a good portion of the planet in it.  I hate those catastrophe movies that only "sort of" ruin everything.

Now, as far as why you should download 2012 here...  That is easy.  T

his website has already been used by hundreds of thousands of people to download movies from.  The biggest benefit over this site as compared to others is that you can not only download the movie, but you can burn it to DVD and then watch it on your TV.  So many sites that allow you to download movies end up sticking you in front of your computer screen trying to stream the movie.  I'm sorry, but gathering the family around the computer screen doesn't seem like a very "family friendly" event.

 Now, if you want, go ahead and check out other movie download sites and see just what they have to offer and compare it to the site I've linked to here.  Most don't even say whether or not you'll be able to download the movie you're looking for let alone offer you the software you'll need to burn it to a DVD.  2012 is also going to be one of the biggest movie releases of the fall so the servers have to be able to handle the massive bandwith that is going to be trafficking their servers.  This website can handle whatever is thrown at it

For Indonesian people download here for free

Untuk yang tinggal di Indonesia Download Film DisiniGratis


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